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This is the English version of MSX™, a simple and easy to learn RPG. Its minimalist rules, with a distinct OSR vibe, encourage participants to use their creativity to overcome challenges. To play MSX™ you will need some six-sided dice (D6), paper and a pencil.

MSX™ English is not just the English version of the game you already know: this is an expanded version of the previously released basic rules, revised after dozens of game sessions on the Horoscope Zine's Discord server.

The MSX™ English features:

• A 16-page all hand-written high-resolution PDF fanzine booklet

• A full-color A3 illustrated map with numerated hex-grid to hexcrawl

• Simple rules to roll a Character ready to play in just a few minutes

• Occupation and Origin tables based on Shadowlords™ dark fantasy game setting

• Blessed or Doomed tables for unique Character traits

• Combat rules for a fast and deadly fight

• Weapons table

• Encounter table with Shadowlords™ creatures

• Treasure table with Magical Weapons


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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorHoroscope Zine
Tagsdnd, Fantasy, fanzine, fkr, Hexcrawl, Minimalist, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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MSX™ English — Booklet 4 MB
MSX™ English — Serpent Gulf Map 4 MB

Download demo

MSX™ English — Fastplay 3 MB


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I bought the physical copy of this game. I love it! Also, I wrote a full review that I would recommend you to check it. The authors is such nice person since he runs this game almost every night in this Discord server. You should try before anything else! This review is in PT-BR but you can translate.

So excited! Thanks Filipe! <3