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Prisoners of Nark

You're a prisoner and Nark is your master. Nark is a warlock, his dungeon is full of strange creatures and magical treasures. You and your friends were thrown down a trapdoor and fell into a dark pit. Try to escape this terrible place by searching for the exit.

Copyright © 2021 Horoscope Zine. Illustrations & Map: Horos.

Roll your PC (1d8):

1. Yr
2. Ru
3. Ew
4. Od
5. Zy
6. Di
7. Ma
8. Roll for the table below

1. Fu
2. Ke
3. Ni
4. Za
5. Bo
6. Oe
7. Ge
8. You can choose any PC you want

Optional: you can create your unique PC name by rolling some 1d8 and joining syllables together, for example: Yr + Ni + Za = Yrniza.

Roll your occupation (1d4):

1. Slave (-1 Hit Point)*
2. Peasant
3. Shepherd
4. Soldier (+1 Hit Point)*

* Minimum 1, maximum 5.

Roll your initial weapon (1d4):

1. None
2. Bone (1d4)
3. Chain (1d6)
4. Club (1d6)

Important: all PCs have THAC0 20 (Normal Man), modified by their ability scores.

Roll your armor (1d4):

1. None
2. Shield (-1 AC)
3. Leather Armor (AC 7)
4. Scale Armor (AC 6)

Roll your initial position by dropping 1d4 over the map and consulting the table below:

1. Normal room (see below)
2. Room occupied by monsters (see below)
3. Room occupied by treasures (see below)
4. Room with a trap (see below)

Roll for normal room content (1d12):

1. None
2. Scattered bones
3. Rotten fabric
4. 10' rotten rope (can break on 1-3 in 1d6)
5. Shield
6. 10' pole
7. 1d4 iron spikes
8. 10' rope
9. 1d4 torches
10. Hammer
11. Sword
12. Chain mail

Roll for monsters (1d4):

1. Giant Spider (1d4): AC 7, THAC0 18, 6hp, Attack: 1 Bite (1d4 + Poison)*, 20XP
2. Giant Lizard (1d4): AC 5, THAC0 17, 9hp, Attack: 1 Bite (1d6), 15XP
3. Crab Wolf (1d2): AC 4, THAC0 16, 12hp, Attack: 1 Bite (1d6) or 2 Pincers (1d4), 30XP
4. Giant Snake (1d2): AC 3, THAC0 15, 15hp, Attack: 1 Bite (1d6 + Poison)**, 40XP

* Save versus Poison (Normal Man) or paralyzed for 1d6 hours.
** Save versus Poison (Normal Man) or die in 1d4 minutes.

Roll for treasures (1d4):

1. 1d20 silver coins
2. 1d100 silver coins + 1d4 gems (10 silver coins each)
3. 2d100 silver coins + 1d8 gems (15 silver coins each)
4. 2d100 silver coins + 1d12 gems (20 silver coins each) + 1d4 Special (see below)

Special treasure (1d4):

1. Silver dagger (50 silver coins)
2. Silver short sword (100 silver coins)
3. Magical silver sword +1 (150 silver coins)
4. Wand (see below)

Wands (1d4):

1. Burning flame (1d6 damage, 1d6 charges)
2. Lighting bolt (1d8 damage, 1d4 charges)
3. Freezing blow (save versus Wands or paralyzed for 1d4 hours, 1d2 charges)
4. Deathray (instant death, 1 charge)

Roll for traps (1d4):

1. Falling rubble: 1d4 damage
2. Explosion: 1d6 damage, save versus Spells (Normal Man) for half damage
3. Poison gas: save versus Poison (Normal Man) or die in 1d6 minutes
4. Pit: 1d8 damage

Roll for doors (1d6):

1. None
2. Normal door, open
3. Normal door, closed by a padlock
4. Reinforced door, closed by a lock
5. Reinforced door, barred from the other side
6. Iron gate, closed by a reinforced padlock

Roll for exit after exploring 6 or more rooms (1d4):

1. No exit found
2. Magical gate (go back to the initial position)
3. Magical gate (roll for destination by dropping 1d4 over the map)
4. Gate to the exit (1 in 1d12, chance increases by 1 after a previous unsuccessful roll)

Roll for background music (1d6):

1. Rush "Tom Sawyer"
2. Dio "Rainbow In The Dark"
3. Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song"
4. Iron Maiden "Wasted Years"
5. Ozzy "Crazy Train"
6. Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Nark — Characters (BW Print High JPG) 3 MB
Nark — The Prison (Color Print High JPG) 2 MB
Nark — The Prison (BW Print High JPG) 2 MB


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More games need rollable tables for soundtrack. I’ll be playing Rainbow’s “Man on the Silver Mountain” or Marillion’s “Grendel”

Yes! That's nice! <3


Oh my, that video in the intro man! I really need that book, that's a little jewel, just looking at it I got envious you had to touch those pages, PDFs aren't the same thing!

Totally agree! <3